About Chantal



Chantal is a  talented Renaissance woman, actress and a 4 times Muay thai World champion.

Chantal was born from a French mother and an Italian father and grew up in Milan, Italy.

Filmaker, actress, performer and photographer, Chantal studied piano and followed her relative Uto Ughi, violin player, at an early age. She then dropped music and started modeling for the agency Eye For I and traveling Europe, Paris, London, Madrid and Tokyo, Japan. At the same time she pursued her passion for acting and photography by going to Acting school and taking photographs.

She soon moved to Rome where she got her first acting role in the movie  “Traveling Companion”, starring Asia Argento and French actor Michel Piccoli, (Official Selection @ the Cannes International Film Festival).

She quickly became he muse of many European film directors such as Peter Del Monte, Citto Maselli, G. Piccioni, Fulvio Ottaviano. She showcased her talent in both drama and comedy movies through many leading and supporting roles in internationally acclaimed European and Italian movies like “Not Of This World”, by Italian director Giuseppe Piccioni, starring Margherita Buy and Silvio Orlando (United Artists Release and winner of the Montreal World Film Festival and the AFI Los Angeles Film Festival),“Love in The Mirror” starring Peter Stormare (Dancer In The Dark), the Italian Academy Award Winner “Growing Artichocks in Mimongo, the  critically acclaimed comedy “But We Only Made Love”, where she plays Corinna, an actress that every week takes a train to go to Rome to audition, but she never gets a part because she is too tall, “Albania Blues” where she plays Aida, a refugee’ from Albania that made it to the South coast of Italy with the dream of becoming a TV star, and lately the Italian period feature “Bell’E Poker”.

After an Intensive Shakespeare Program @ The Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in London RADA, like many other artists Chantal decided to move to New York City, where she immediately landed a leading role in the romantic comedy “Big Apple” (Audience Award @ the Las Vegas Independent International Film And Video Festival), aka  “Freax and the City” European DVD release, which she also help produce. In New York Chantal’s also decided to develop her talent for photography and Film directing.

Her debut film  “La Mia Mano Destra” (My Right Hand)  won for Best Short  @ the Brooklyn International Film Festival,  was in competition @the Capalbio International Film Festival in Tuscany and @ the Arcipelago Inernational Film Festival in Rome, Italy.”Voices Underground” is her first documentary film (New York Turkish Film Festival, Arlene’s Grocery’s Picture Show).

Her Fine Art photographs have been shown in personal and group exhibitions around the city (Photo district Gallery in Chelsea among others).

During the filming of her documentary Voices Underground, Chantal got in touch and became part of the New York avant-garde music scene.

As a vocalist she recorded and played with the Nublu Orchestra, Ilhan Ersahin, Butch Morris’s Chorus of Poets, Bill Ware’s Urban Vibes, Sasa Crbonja from Organic Grooves, and was the lead singer of the band ‘In Flagranti Live’.

Chantal directed many  music videos, (among others ‘Jique’ for the Grammy award band  Brazilian Girls  and  Kudu), and,  as a vocalist, recording and singing with the  Nublu Orchestra.

IN JANUARY 2008 during a short trip TO THAILAND Chantal starts training and fighting Muay thai TO FOLLOW HER DREAM OF BECOMING A PROFESSIONAL MUAY THAI FIGHTER AND SO FAR HAS HAD 67 MUAY THAI FIGHTS, 42 WINS 1 DRAW, 24 LOSSES AND BECAME 7 X World champion.

Chantal quickly escalated the World Muay thai rankings,

winning her first Professional World Title bout , WPMF (World professional Muay thai federation), in December 2008 at the prestigious King’s Birthday Cup in Bangkok.

In June 2009 Alias /Il Manifesto published Chantal’s Diary of a thaiboxer ‘Never Lose Your Temper’.


a featured interview ‘From New York to Nak Muay’

On Australia world known  John Tozeland WMMW MAGAZINE.

Chantal was always fascinated by martial arts, Bruce Lee and Wing chun Kungfu.

While acting in Rome she started Taekwondo classes and soon passed the first grade Taekwondo belt.

In 2001 Chantal moved to New York where she fell in love with the toughest of all martial arts, Muay thai.

Chantal first started to study Muay thai in 2002 with Kru Phil Nurse  (now coach of many MMA fighters like George SanPierre), in the basement of World gym on Mercer Street in The West Village. Phil opened his own gym, The Wat, later that year and Chantal followed.

In 2006 Chantal had her first amateur fight at the WKA Amateur tournament in Virginia.

Chantal lost her first fight on points, but became hooked,

The adrenaline that she experienced, she wanted to go back in the ring again.

Chantal went back the next year and won.

In January 2008 Chantal went to Thailand to further her Muay thai Knowledge.

Chantal had her first pro fight in Chiang Mai against a Thai girl in January 2008.

she  also BECAME 2 X WPMF, WMF and WMA World champion.

She is the current WMA 63.5 kg and WMF 66 kg. World champion.

A talented actress, Chantal recently had a featured role in the movie The Impossible starring Ewan McGregor and Naomi Watts.

A certified kru by the prestigious WMF and KMA association of the National stadium in Bangkok, Thailand, Chantal currently teaches female Muay thai in New York and Muay thai seminars around the world.

Based in New York City, Chantal currently divides herself between training Muay thai and auditioning for action movies in the USA,  her agent in Rome  and the East Village in New York and Nublu, the club where she used to perform with the Nublu Orchestra.

Chantal recently had a featured role in the movie The Impossible starring Ewan McGregor and Naomi Watts.

And in Ridley’s Scott 2017 All The Money In The World.

The Film Goodbye darling I’m Off To Fight about her lifestory where she plays herself won Best Documentary and Jury Special Mention at Biografilm festival and many other prizes at Film Festivals across the World.


Muay Thai fighter Country: Italy/France/Usa

fight weight: 62-65 kg fighting style: knee

record: 67 Fights 44 W 23 L 18 W by ko


WPMF World champion 65 kg.

WMA 63.5 kg. World champion

2 x WMF pro champion 2012-2014  at 66 kg.

WMF amateur champion 2014

WMO champion 63.5 kg.

2 x WMF World championships Bangkok 2012-2008 Gold medal

1 X WPMF World champion King’s Cup 2008

other achievements:
WMF Gold medal Bangkok Prince Cup, 2008

WMF champion 2012-2014, WMO champion 2015
Patong Stadium 2x champion
Bangla Stadium champion WPMO
Fought 4 times at King’s Cup 2008, 2009, 2010, 2015
and 2 times at Queen’s Birthday Celebration in Bangkok,
2009, 2010

WMC, ISKA contenter, Lion Fight welter weight contender
Fought at Malaysia Contender Asia series
notable opponents:
Julie Kitchen
Miriam Nakamoto
Carly Giumulli
Jorina Baars
Sindy Maricic
Ielo Page
Petslocha Luksaikovin
Nongnane Jorguun gym



Confidence is a very powerful force.When we have it we can take on the whole world,but when we don’t,even very smallest challenge can feel impossible.

Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose; that’s life.
BUT most important you must never give up trying to win.

A united and motivated team,though small is much more than a match for an uncoordinated rabble,and unity is born of a common vision….Sun Tzu’s Art of war

‘Normal’ is not necessarily right…Unusual people achieve unusual results and use unusual methods.If you want to be succesful,model yourself on someone who has achieved the very goal that you want to achieve.

Let’s create your own “Luck”:

May your enemies run far away from you. If you acquire riches, may they remain yours always.
Your beauty will be that of Apsara. Wherever you may go, many will attend, serve and protect you…

It’s never over till it’s over. Never stop fighting. Never give up. Never surrender. No matter how bad it gets, no matter how deep your pain; persistance, faith in your self, and an undauntable spirit will eventually break you free.



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