WMF World champion 2012

After several months of knee injury, rehabilitation and physiotherapy,

in January eventually I went back to train full time and last week I came back at last
in the ring! But

I always set up very high goals for myself and I try to reach them at all costs.

But it ‘s been a week of fire and unforgettable!
After a fight on Saturday, March 17 at Siam Paradise Bazaar against a very strong Thai fighter, Nong May,
in the top three ranking in the 64 kilo division in Thailand, I won by TKO in the second round, actually ‘
had already ‘met her at the King’s Birthday 2010 on TV Channel 9 and in that case I had won on points after a war that lasted for four rounds.

Not satisfied I decided to participate in the World Pro WMF am, under the French flag, my second home, (my mother is ‘French).
So ‘after a day of rest on Monday’ I qualify for the weight in @63.5 kg. In the morning during the match making I am told that there ‘no one in 63.5 kg category
but if I want I can step up and do 67 kg. Very well, better that way, so I don’t need to diet ‘.

I will qualify directly into the final against a South Africanthey tell me.

so ‘after an afternoon of rest again on Tuesday’ I train hard in preparation for Friday’s match ‘.

Except that ‘Wednesday’ morning at about 8:30 I am called by the WMF and by my coach and they tell me
that I am Instead fighting in the semifinals against a
Indian opponent the same day.

So I run to check weight, then I come home I rest a few hours and then I go directly to the National stadium.
The fights start at about 6 I’m fight number 4 in ring n.2.

We are six French athletes to participate at the World Pro am, four women, two men.

The Fight is against an Indian athlete with good technique and early in the match I start with long distance with kicks and punches but almost immediately I shorten the distance and go
in the clinch in the middle ‘of the first round with elbows and knees and push the action until’ the referee stops the fight by technical knockout after 2 and a half minutes.

So I qualify for the final on Friday’ March 23.

No injury so I’m in top form but the adrenaline is growing and Ineed a lot of concentration.
On Thursday I go for a short run and a light workout.
We are now in five French athletes to enter the finals three women and two men.

The South African has little technique but she is very strong physically and in the clinch and ‘left-handed, and higher than me about 5 cm or more ‘. I saw her already fighting ‘in the amateurs with my coaches and we have a strategy that is to remain on long distance in the first round.

The strategy does not work and unfortunately the South African is able to enter immediately and close the gap quickly in the first round.

Fortunately, I come back strong and I can set my game to clinch with knees, elbows and projections on the ground, so I win the second round and put a knee into the face of almost KO. But she is saved by the end of the round. The third round ends in the same way with elbows and knees projections from
my side.
Now I have won.


It ‘was the last match of the week. 3 matches in 6 days but also the most ‘difficult.

But I won. I’m finally WMF World Champion.

You can see the smile on my face when they put the belt on my waist, it shows so much happiness’.

Now I can finally relax a bit and enjoy a well earned rest.
One of the most ‘beautiful’ things was to be part of the French team,
very professional with no dramas and personal protagonism!
I was invited to train with them in their gym in Paris!

Now I’m officially part of the French national WMF team.

So ‘at the end I won the belt WMF 67 kg. and Haifa won the 60 kg category. for France.
For boys silver medals unfortunately.

Luckily there are women in this sport!

I realized another little dream of mine. Now I am 4 x World Champion WMA 63.5 kg., 2 X 67 kg WPMF and WMF@ 67 kg.

Hello, thanks you soon!
now I enjoy a little ‘rest ….

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