My trip to Buriram

P1013180 I needed a bit more adventure so I’ve decided to go and visit a friend of mine in her home town of Nang Rong in Buriram.

So I told the Visa run company people to drop me off at the next bus station near Sakaeo that I was going to Isaarn instead.

Bad idea. Especially if you haven’t checked the internet and got information about how to get there.

I thought I could have just jumped on any bus to Buriram really, but no, that wasn’t the case.

I found out that later, that you have to be careful, it depends on what colored bus you are actually taking.



The random bus station in the small town near Sakaeo was pretty deserted.

A couple of Thais and one spare farang man sitting at the food stall waiting.

I asked for the next bus to Buriram and they pointed me in one direction and told me to wait.

I waited for about 45 minutes and got myself a bunch of khanom for the trip.

Finally 2 buses came. One was orange and one was blue.

Unfortunately I haven’t done my homework and so I decided to get on the orange bus.

I didn’t know but That is the bus that makes all stops.

So a trip that would have normally taken two hours took about five instead.

I didn’t even know where I was going exactly, so I called up my friend and she told me I had to take a bus to

Nang Rong, Buriram.

So I realized I was on the right bus. (well, sort of….)

I got a comfortable seat with nobody next to me, but that lasted for about 10 minutes when at the next stop a bunch of other people got on the bus and I had to give up the empty spot.

There were more people than free seats so they all ended up standing…

The Ac system on the bus wasn’t working properly, so between the standing people and the broken AC, it started to get really hot very soon…Unbelievably hot….I was starting to get sick….

Every twenty  minutes or so I would ask the woman who collects the tickets how long was going to take to get there and she kept saying the same thing two hours and a half then she kept saying the word farang and kept pointing me to other people…

I thought Esaarn people were friendly…But here… she wasn’t….mmh…

So Five more hours just to go to Buriram to see my friend…

The power of Love..makes you do crazy things.

My body started to get swollen from the heat..

I don’t know why this happens to me in Thailand.

I wished I was Thai and my skin was dark and dry and resistant to the heat…

I took a bunch of photos to distract myself.

But I would have done anything to get off that bus…

I asked the woman one more time I thought we were almost there.. she said one hour and a half more.???

How was that possible?

In the meanwhile at every stop some people were getting off and some more people were getting on the bus again…

There were always people standing next to me.

Finally we got to the destination.

After Korat they told me it was 5 more minutes to get to Nang Rong.

I had called my friend and told her to come and pick me up.

But when I arrived she wasn’t there yet. I ended up having to wait for her for another fifteen minutes and I called her about three times.

A bunch of cab drivers approached me asking me ‘Where you go, Where you go?’

I thought they only do that in Bangkok or Phuket.

Well, I was wrong.

I am actually surprised about the large amount of people that speaks English in Buriram.

Some people said it’s because a lot of foreigners marry the local bar girls.

But I haven’t seen one single farang for all the time I was there. So I was wondering.

My friend finally arrived and we went to her home.

I really wanted to relax sleep and be by myself, but I had instead to meet her mother, her brother and sisters, some friends, and

entertain some basic Thai conversation with them.

They were cooking meat and drinking whisky outside on the porch,

it seems like a lot of people do that in Esaarn if they don’t work , it’s hot and they have nothing else to do.

But everyone was so friendly.

We finally got to go the my room and I was able to take a shower and sleep for a few hours.

The next day was more of the same driving around, eating ‘Khao Pat Gung’ for me ( I cant eat anything else because its too spicy)…

This time I got to meat her ‘Yaa’, grandmother.

We drove to this woodden house and this really old beautiful small woman comes towards me, she stops and start touching my arms my legs my face, she touches me every where like in ecstasy…

like she has never seen a farang woman before.

In that moment I really felt like a big white skin girl and the reason why they call us ‘farang’.

And why I could never be like them.

But I don’t want to leave I really like my friend’s grandmother. I wish I could talk to her more, but the only thing I could say is ‘Sabai dee mai’?

And she tells me ‘Mai Sabai’, that she doesn’t feel very well…

But we have to go somewhere, maybe pick up my friend’s brother at the Casino where he goes every day to gamble money.

The last time he went he won about forty thousand baht.

After that some more hanging out on the porch, resting sleeping, waiting, then of to eat again at the barbecue place, they are so sweet,

They know I cannot eat anything else so they bring me to the barbecue every night…

People are so beautifully still old fashioned out here.

Mai bpen rai.

I need to go back to Bangkok and go training and focus on my next fights.

I can’t wait.

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