An Artist or an Athlete? The path of Muay thai…

IMG_2662Today is my Birthday and I had a wonderful life….

From the age of 7 till the age of 14 I played tennis, and quit before turning pro… I could have been the next Maria Shaparova.. but no, I didn’t. I played soccer and volleyball in the high school team and run the 800 meters.

But at the age of 17 I left my athlete’s life and started modeling in Paris, Madrid, Milan , Tokyo, and all around the world. I then took a Shakeaspeare intensive course at RADA, the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in London.
I then started acting in many films and living La Dolce Vita in the famous Cinecitta’ Rome Studios…
I have been living the underground artist life in New York city, I have been an actress and a singer and playing electric bass in a punk rock bank called In Flagranti, a vocalist in the famous Nublu Orchestra and the Chorus of Poets. I have directed a bunch of video clips for Indie bands… and two short movies…
One day I decided I had enough and said fuck the I phone and society…I am going to Thailand.
I had to choose between being an artist or an athlete. And I chose the athlete.
I became a professional Muay thai fighter.
I have reached the best achievement in the Muay thai sport, I became 3 X World champion,
for 4 years in a row strictly lived the life a of a real nak muay no holidays no luxuries no vacations.
Muay thai has taught me a lot. It is a life self-discipline…
It carves your body and your soul…And it becomes your second nature…
After nine years in the sport, still today when I go to the stadium and hear the Ram muay music, a thrill goes through my veins, it makes me so excited an inhebriated that I think I don’t really want to stop and I keep pushing my body to the limits….I keep wanting to be living this dream…
It is my life… The life of a Nak Muay…
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