Muay Thai heart

Five years ago I started a journey that brought me to fight professionally in Thailand and around the world.

A journey that started as a passion loving Muay thai deeply  in my heart  but that turned into becoming a job.

Slowly within the years fighting became a job. Something that I was doing  for a living. I mean don’t get me wrong. It was still a

passion but it was watered down by duty and commitment, and people expecting me to fight, and what was my purse for that fight and so


Slowly in the last six months or so, my focus had changed. I started to get tired, I almost didn’t want to fight anymore.

I mean I didn’t want to fight as a job. I still wanted the poetry in it.

So I decided to take a break and leave everything. My home Thailand, my gym, my friends , my boyfriend and go back into my past into my life that I had interrupted five years ago when I became a fighter. I wanted to see what I had left, what was there, what I was missing, but most of all I wanted the love for fighting to come back. Sometimes you just take everything you have for granted and it is a mistake. We don’t realize what we have until we actually lose it.

So I fell in love again. I mean with the sport, with Muay thai and fighting. I miss Thailand a lot. I decided  my journey is not finished. I still have something to give. It’s not time to stop or surrender.

I still want to fight. I love Muay thai. It’s there deep into my heart. I am a nak muay.527216_10150604445436199_85871160_n74726_292960760794237_1189430982_n 75280_292977347459245_451590761_n 148994_292963457460634_1818018298_n 156151_292960820794231_1954987098_n 178964_292963310793982_402757848_n 251824_293206120769701_104262697_n 292233_292964610793852_655733486_n 389690_292961240794189_580210985_n 481054_292974200792893_1762572187_n 521264_292991140791199_692720240_n 522208_293002644123382_241053647_n 533314_292993337457646_1973344303_n 534231_292981210792192_2119044248_n 537727_292960974127549_330441834_n


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